My Personal Quotes

1. Life is like a boat in huge sea that is endless if we will not find its ultimate meaning. Life is absurd if that’s the case.

2. Its really refreshing when you know the people you care the most are happy.. but it would be better if you are the reason why they became happy.

3. Life here on earth doesnt always have a happy ending. Good news is this is not the end of everything. We should always find God’s reason why He is allowing unexpected things to happen.

4. If you fell down dont stay too long. Learn what you can get there, fix what you have to fix and then rise up and then move on…Dont go home crying…Dont runaway…Run the race…Dont give up…

5. If you found a pearl from thousands of stones you are blessed so dont misplace it.

6. Feelings makes the relationship colorful but it takes a commitment to make it last…

7. I discovered that in every aspect in life you need to have a good foundation. Dont be deceived by the good facade.

8. It really feels good to be free from bitterness coz you can forgive with all your heart and show love….

9. True friends doesnt just show sympathy, they are biased on what is true and what is right..

10. Forgiveness is not a feeling. Forgiveness is a decision. Forgiveness will get you free from hurt. So make a decision today to forgive even you dont feel like it.

11. Life is a combination of hurts and happiness. However, Man should realize that he’s not living either of the two.

12. Life is like a coffee. Do not focus on the cup coz you might fail to enjoy it..

13. God can replace the good things that you had in your life. He knows the end of your story. Greater things have yet to come in your life. Be strong and be ready to receive it!

14. A Happiness driven life is a misguided life…

15. “i have failed but im not a failure”

16. Life without God is like a journey while carrying a bag of sand that has holes, climbing the mountain with all my heart and strength..Reaching the top realizing all was meaningless…All is vanity…

17. life is without ultimate significance and purpose without God and immortality.

18. skipping the basics = skipping opportunities of growth.

19. walang nangyayare pag puro intro lang. Make sure you know how to finish the song.

20. “Seasonal leaders have seasonal growth”.

21. insecurity in leadership is a form of crab mentality. it limits the organization and the people to reach their maximum potential.

22. its great to have friends that really care about you and not care what they can get from you. if you have one, then you are blessed.

23. leaders who goes an extra mile to understand and give value to his followers will reap a harvest of loyalty, comfort, and success.

24. Forget the past. Focus on what lies ahead. Believe. Move. You will succeed!

25. God will show you a rainbow after the rain. He will remind you about His promise. He will renew your strength. Now get up! You can make it. He believes in you. Just follow where He leads.

26. A christian might disappoint you by his imperfectness but i hope youll see how God have changed him perfectly day by day.

27. If you sow negative thoughts then you will reap negative lifestyle.

28. If a person will know the value of his life, his time, and his Dreams then he will realize how small the value of his actions are.

29. I believe you can make it. Yes you failed but i believe you can win if you will just try again. Yes you are hurting but i know comfort and healing is on the way. Let me cheer you up today by saying God can make a way even if theres seems to be no way.

30. Our heart is really deceitful. Our moral standards gets blurry when we are enjoying the moment. We tend to find ways to defend things which are wrong. But if we will just stay faithful and do what is right then we will experience God’s faithfulness in keeping his promises. Rewards are on the way.

31. In times that you dont know what to do; in times that you think its impossible for you to make it. Let me say one thing. Our God is Able.

32. The world is like a Big University. The people in it are the teachers. Make sure you always go to school and learn something.

33. Once you received and understood the ultimate reason why you existed, anything else will just consume your time and give you preferences of reasons. Oftentimes, people end up frustrated and feel incomplete realizing that he needs to go back to the original purpose.

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