The 7 Important Benefits of Positive Thinking

Benefits of Positive Thinking

1. Sets You free from Negative Thinking. 

Being a prisoner is a very sad and a difficult life. You will not be able to do what you really want to do.

You are limited.

You cant go where you really want to go. 

In the same way, we can be prisoners of Pessimism. 

The dictionary defines it as a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen; a lack of hope or confidence in the future.

In philosophy, it was initially understood as a belief that this world is as bad as it could be or that evil will ultimately prevail over good.

This kind of mindset will hinder you from moving forward in life.

It will be a roadblock for your success.

It will remind you about your mistakes and shortcomings.

Its like a chain holding you back from your past. 

However, if you battle pessimism by being Optimistic then you will be set free. 

This mindset promotes hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something. 

By replacing pessimism by optimism, you will be set free. 

2. Opens You to See Possibilities in Life

If you have a positive mindset then you will be liberated from fear and hesitations.

You are now more receptive to possibilities in your life. 

In the book "How Positive Thinking Will Set You Free & Help You Achieve Massive Success in Life by Benjamin Smith", He said, 

" by adopting a positive attitude and mindset, you are able to become more open to things. Instead of becoming restricted to doing a certain act, you start considering different ideas and are able to see various possibilities in life."

Barbara Fredrickson who is a psychology researcher working at the University of North Carolina made an experimental study on how positive mindset affects our brain.

There were different groups and they were divided according to the images that has been given to them.

There are groups which were given positive images that conveys joy and contentment and the other groups were given with images that conveys negative emotions like anger and fear. 

Later on, they were given the chance to share their feelings on what they would have done in the situations shown in the images. 

And the result showed that the group that was given the positive images were able to give many possible options compared to the group that was assigned to look at the negative images. 

Indeed, positive thinking and mindset will open us to possibilities in life. 

3. Allows You to be the best that you can be

Most of the time, people fail to achieve their Self-Actualized potentials because of negative thinking. 

They think that they are not well equip.

They think that they are not ready.

They think that its hard and difficult.

They think that its impossible.

They think of all sorts or reasons and excuses.

However, if you will have a positive mindset, 

you will not just be set free from your negative way of thinking, 

you will not just be open to the endless possibilities of life, 

but it will also allow you to be the best that you can be.

Positive thinking allows you to see yourself doing difficult and seemingly impossible things.

You can hear yourself saying,  "I can do this". 

You can feel like there is greatness within you.

4. Makes You Excellent in dealing with people

When you have a positive mindset you become a cheerful person. 

People will be attracted to you. 

They will love you.

Moreover, if you have a positive mindset, you will be great in dealing with difficult people.

You will have a positive interpretation why people acted in a certain way.

Maybe they are going tru a hard time right now.

Maybe they lost a loved one.

Maybe they lost a job.

Maybe they are experiencing a hearthache.

You see, positive way of thinking will make you excellent in dealing with people.

You will have more patience and understanding.

5. Helps You To be Resilient 

What is Resilience? it is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. 

Experts have studied that resilience is associated with positive thinking. 

People who have positive mindset were able to recover fast from difficulties. 

They are tough.

They have perseverance.

They keep on going even if there are so many challenges in front of them.

They can think of so many possibilites in the midst of all the difficulties.

They always say, "It is possible"

"It can be done"

Positive mindset makes us a Resilient human being...

6. Makes You Healthy

Specialists affirms that stress will really kill you and that is always associated with being pessimistic. 

On the other hand, being optimistic will not just help you to   avoid stress but it has health benefits.

Studies shows that those who think positively are less likely to suffer from hypertension or become diabetic than those who are always pessimistic.

It has been proven that if you improve the way you think by changing into a positive mental mood and start thinking positively, you are less likely to die from serious illness such as cancer.

On the other hand, those who are always pessimistic are more likely to die from heart diseases and cancer.

One research also concluded that people who has a positive mindset has an inclination to care for theirselves.

These people watches over their diet and they exercise. 

Truly, positive mentality is the way for a healthy body.

7. Leads You To a Successful life

If there is no more hindrance but only freedom

If you are open to possibilities

If you have an excellent social skills

If you developed yourself to the best version of you

If you are healthy and not stressed

If you have resilience and perseverance 

Then Success is on its way.

There can be no reasons nor any excuses that can hinder you in reaching your goals or your dreams. 

If you have a positive mentality then you are just waiting for success to come on its perfect time. 

Positive mindset will lead you to Success that you have been waiting for.

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