Have You Experienced A Paradigm Shift?

The reason why most people are broke e hindi dahil wala silang pera or wala silang resources.

The reason why most people are broke is because they invest every peso they have left over after each paycheck into unnecessary things. 

Whether it's to pass the time, impress their Ego or their next door neighbor - buying new shoes, clothes, video games, watches, cars, etc... doesn't make you wealthier.

What makes you wealthy is the knowledge on how to invest your money wisely and have self control over the impulses to buy stuff you don't need. 

So when someone says, "I don't have the money for that," or "to start a business."

What that really means is...

"I don't have the self control to allocate my money properly otherwise I would have the means to invest."

All it takes is a change in your paradigm and you'll change your bank account. 

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Here's For A Change. 

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